1. aileens:

    Bobalife (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Kevin Lien, Priscilla Liang, & Aileen Xu

    Boba lovers, enjoy!  Hehehe.

  2. itsjamilerr:

    I am a 19 year old self taught seamstress, aspiring designer, and makeshift artist. I have always had a passion for getting into different hobbies.

    Throughout the year 2011, I focused on attaining sewing skills with my ambitious yearlong project, “52 Weeks, 52 Dresses.” I made one dress a week for the whole year reconstructing old garments, like t-shirts, and fabric bought with pocket money. As the collection of dresses piled up, I realized my love for retro waistlines and silhouettes. Since then, I have aspired to make products fit for a dapper fellow or lady.

    Now, I only dream of one day owning a boutique for my brand, “JAMILA.”

    As for now, I am blessed to have so much support for my online store - http://shop.byjamila.com

  3. jessebarrera:

    Ladies and gents! I’m EXTREMELY excited and proud to announce I’ll be putting out my sophomore record titled “From The Ground Up” in March 2013!!! Help me make this record a reality by donating to my KickStarter and / or pre-ordering the album!!! There are tons of fun and great rewards such as a signed physical record, pre-release downloads, signed posters, framed hand written lyrics, house concerts, signed guitars / drum heads and much much more! I’ve put so much into this and want it to be TOP NOTCH for your listening pleasure!

    This record is a collection of songs that I truly believe are the best I have ever written in my life and can’t wait to share it with you all. The album features a HANDFUL of some of my favorite artists that I got lucky enough to have sing on my record including: AJ Rafael, Tori Kelly, Melissa Polinar, Daniela Andrade, US (Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae), and Tim Ferguson from April Chase. It’s an album worth waiting for and cannot wait to get it to your stereos!!!!!!

    Please be a part of making this record a reality by donating whatever you can to make it happen. The funds I make from KickStarter will go towards musicians, post production, mastering, merchandising and promotional materials. I’m offering preorders as well as some great rewards. But any little bit will help. Thank you all for sticking with me through all these years. It’s really all of you that keep me going on this crazy musical journey. I love you all.

    Pre-Order And Donate here!

    Would mean everything to me if you guys could share this with your friends and spread the word around. We’re almost at 50%! Let’s keep spreading the word.

  4. carissarae:

    Hey friends!

    Check out the latest TV commercial I did for XBOX Kinect’s Dance Central 3 (out now)! It’s pretty funny and it features Usher and some of my super talented friends. You can catch me at the end dancing like a fool. I had a blast working with everybody on this one. Hope you enjoy! :)

    carissa rae

  5. albertposis:

    Hope you enjoy my new single “Higher.” Stay tuned for my upcoming full-length album coming out November 1st, 2012 on iTunes!

    Written/Composed by Albert Posis & Jesse Barrera
    Produced by Jesse Barrera
    Programming by Esta
    Bass by Noah Bartfield
    Artwork/Photography by Mark Mejia 


    Verse 1:
    We’ve been friends for a while
    And I can’t help but see it
    The things we could do if you were mine
    I can tell that you want this
    But you’re scared of it too
    You’re not gon’ regret this
    I belong with you

    What you feel inside, I feel it too
    Baby I promise we’ll make it through

    I ain’t scared to say this, I’m done with waitin’
    I think it’s time we do something about it
    We should be together, now and forever
    Trust in your heart and we can fly higher

    Verse 2:
    I know it’s hard to let go
    When you’re past wasn’t easy
    You’re tired of all the times love slipped away
    You were treated so badly
    And it hurts me too
    But I’m here to make you see a
    Different point of view

    Faster than speed of light
    When you’re by my side
    Everything is alright
    Never gonna waste your time
    Anything that you need
    I will give to you

  6. yeeitscathy:

..performing at The Roxy in LA this Sunday, (Sept. 30) with these lovely girls, @msxjenixe, @jazzrazzmatazz & @katbadar! 🎶🎤👯👯 buy your tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/8rfnfyc #onenightofblyss #blyss #girlgroup #reunion (Taken with Instagram)


    ..performing at The Roxy in LA this Sunday, (Sept. 30) with these lovely girls, @msxjenixe, @jazzrazzmatazz & @katbadar! 🎶🎤👯👯 buy your tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/8rfnfyc #onenightofblyss #blyss #girlgroup #reunion (Taken with Instagram)

  7. vjrosales:

    It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sitting at my piano reading all of your FB comments & tweets. Listening to your voicemails and reading your letters. Words of encouragement and love. And it kills me to know that in the end I don’t advance to the next round in this competition.

    The amount of support I’ve received from y’all in the past few days has been IMMENSE. Distant family, old friends, colleagues, and even other contestants on the show have contacted me to cheer me on. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate every single one of you.

    Don’t take back anything you’ve said to me in the past few days because the “unlike” button is not an option for me in this case, ever. :) This was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. I met the most GIFTED people, I was jammin with the top singers in the nation! I’ve gained valuable industry experience, and no, I did not make a chair turn but I still had the chance to sing on stage with the mainstream powerhouse himself, Cee Lo Green on national television PRIMETIME baby! :) What an honor.

    How fitting is my upcoming album title, “Runner Up” then? The idea is simple: Runner Up is one step away from 1st place. How can one better himself in order to get to 1st place the next time around? Being on this show, I am a runner up. I’ll take what I learned to better my craft, my art, & my life. This is just the beginning…a journey to find my way to first place. But I can’t do it without you guys…

    In November, I will release my very first album, “The Runner Up EP.” All original songs from my heart and soul to your iTunes library. :) I am TOO excited for this, I can’t wait for you all to hear it. #TEAMVJ is about to run the town! You with me?

    VJ, you are talented, resilient, and you’re gonna touch a lot of hearts over your career as a musician. Big things in store for you!

  8. Stay tuned for more info!

    Stay tuned for more info!

  9. What it means to “SUPPORT”


    I’m not on a ranting mood. I just had this thought in my head and figured to “jot” it down on tumblr and perhaps some of you… Well, scratch that… I KNOW some of you would have to agree with me since I do have a number of artist/musician friends who follow me on here. 

    You can’t treat or look at a successful signed artist and an independent artist who is deemed successful - the same. As independent artists,  we do have the creative ability to do whatever we want, release music however/whenever we want, there aren’t as much monetary splits as signed artists, and technically nobody can tell us what to do. I’m all for it. I’m somewhat living it - though depends on how you define “successful” when it comes to my career so far, but that’s beside the point.

    Independent artists may have all those awesome attributes but everyone needs to understand that we take care of everything else that a mainstream artist does not: our studio time, travel, promotion, networking, marketing, AND 100% of relationships - business and creative…etc. I don’t have an agent who rubs shoulders with venue bookers. I don’t have a manager who takes care of all of my emails, picks up the phone to create opportunities for me, and/or goes out to meetings on my behalf “talking me up” and “shopping me around” to business executives and what not. I don’t have a record label who funds my albums, promotes them, and pushes singles on the radio. I could go on…

    So there was this movement these past few years that was innovative due to the Internet. All these unknowns and the “never would’ve made it mainstream” got their voices and songs heard to any crowd who’s willing to listen and watch. I can absolutely put myself in this category. To be honest, after my first major publishing deal with Warner/Chapell wasn’t picked up for another few years, I thought I was ready to move on completely. Not to abandon music altogether, I was just ready to completely phase out my hopes in making music as a career. I figured I can still do music in church, charity events, in my room, sing in front of my dog. And live the simple life.

    But then surprisingly, a trickle effect of SUPPORT came slowly but surely. I wasn’t quite sure how to make of it at first. It then slowly became a career again. Yes, of course I’m talking about Youtube and the community surrounding it. 

    …So fast-forward to today. It’s been a few years of making music on YouTube. I even conjured to release an EP and singles while I was at it. I’ve done shows a plenty, made new friends, worked and collaborated with some superpower talents out there. I can’t complain where I’ve been these past few years. I’m tremendously blessed. 

    This post is to thank those whose been faithfully supporting me and especially the few who’s known me BEFORE YouTube (you should get a medal on that).

    Now for the days and years ahead, I hope I still get to create and sing for y’all. And the only way I could do that is if I still have ALL of YOU supporting! As my dear friend Jeremy Passion once told me, “I don’t want to call them ‘fans’ but rather ‘supporters…’” (or something along those lines).

    All of you are LITERALLY the lifeline and if I could put it more bluntly, you folks are the BLOOD THAT RUNS THROUGH OUR MUSICAL CAREER VEINS. In a way, supporters are our (independent artists’) record label, agent, promoter, and etc. - even if its indirectly. Truth be told, venue bookers, established songwriters/producers/executives, etc. wouldn’t have looked twice at me (for collaborations/shows/opportunities) if it wasn’t for the hits and subscribers I got on YouTube. YOU put it there. I didn’t.

    The reason why I want to emphasize this is because buying music and supporting live concerts are crucial. You can’t call yourself a full-on supporter if all you do is just listen to a song or 2 from illegally downloading stuff and that’s it. You support by spreading the word, going out to shows, buying CDs/merch, and downloading legally. You shouldn’t just support a “song” that you like, you support the artist who made and sang that song. Everyone has got to remember that,supporting is an active roleand not just someluvey-duvey-ooey-gooeysentiment. 

    All I’m saying is that… If you want me to keep going with music… If you want all the independent artists that you’ve grown to love (YouTube or otherwise) to keep going with their art…

    You have to support. 

    It’s one of the very few indicators whether if what we’re doing here still makes sense. And I’m sure all my artist friends agree.

    love y’all…


  10. mpolinar:

Tomorrow night! I love singing for you lovely people & I hope to see y’all there! It’ll be the “last” in SoCal for a bit. I’ve been in LA for about almost 2 months. It’s been a great time and I wanted to book a set show before I leave. So here’s to good times! I love y’all!  (Taken with Instagram)


    Tomorrow night! I love singing for you lovely people & I hope to see y’all there! It’ll be the “last” in SoCal for a bit. I’ve been in LA for about almost 2 months. It’s been a great time and I wanted to book a set show before I leave. So here’s to good times! I love y’all! (Taken with Instagram)